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Other Northbound Interfaces

Getting Real Time Action Results for WebUI (5)
Building a command hierarchy from RPCs in CLI (4)
Show status Statement in CLI (4)
Query on "list" (4)
SSH IUTF8 Flag Support (3)
Leaf description is not seen while giving commands (3)
Show leaf info with cli-drop-name extension (5)
Show running-config interface is not working (1)
Delete a parameter twice should trigger an error message (3)
Trigger an error message when user tries to modify a record that doesnt exist (3)
Leaflist CLI usage (1)
/confdConfig/cli/showLogDirectory (string) (1)
/confdConfig/cli/allowAbbrevParamNames (boolean) [false] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/compListCompact (boolean) [false] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/wrapPrompt (boolean) [false] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/showEmptyContainers (boolean) [false] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/inheritPaginate (boolean) [true] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/templateFilter/callback (string) (1)
/confdConfig/cli/promptSessionsCLI (boolean) [false] (1)
Tailf:cli-remove-before-change (1)
/confdConfig/cli/cmdAAAForAutowizard (true|false) [false] (1)
How to trigger the "tailf:cli-custom-error text" (2)
/confdConfig/cli/jShowUnset (boolean) [false] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/noFollowIncompleteCommand (boolean) [false] (1)
Access denied with NETCONF, not with CLI (4)
/confdConfig/cli/allowOldStyleModeCmds (boolean) [false] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/showKeyName (boolean) [true] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/cAlignLeafValues (boolean) [true] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/moreBufferLines (uint32|unbounded) [5000] (1)
/confdConfig/cli/quickSshTeardown (boolean) [false] (1)