About 'show running-config" question

Here is the excerpt from ConfD manual:

show running-config [details | all] [pathfilter]
> Display current configuration. By default the whole configuration is displayed. It is possible to
> limit what is shown by supplying a pathfilter. The pathfilter may be either a path pointing to a
> specific instance, or if an instance id is omitted, the part following the omitted instance is treated
> as a filter.

My issue is :

when I execute “show running-config” with the pathfilter pointing to a specific instance.
eg, show running-config name jhu

Why confd invoke “get_next” to iterate throught all entries of the list “name”, which result in the stuck retrieval.
We expect that confd merely invoke “get_elem” to retrieve the “name jhu” related data.

Does anyone have some ideas?