Anydata not valid in YANG version 1


Did anyone face below issue? If so please help me to fix.

Am using confd Basic 6.7

VsDataContainer.yang:30: error: anydata not valid in YANG version 1

Harish P

anydata did not exist in YANG version 1, if you want to use it, you need to declare your YANG module to be yang-version 1.1. But keep in mind that support for anydata (and anyxml as well) is incomplete in ConfD; both behave pretty much as a standard string leaf, which means XML rendering of its data does not adhere to specs, I guess the same holds for JSON rendering as well.

Why anyxml childs are validated if inserted in the CDB? (same goes for anydata)

The main use case for anyxml, anydata would be notifications, and that works fine in ConfD: