API get_modifications_cli() cannot get full "no" children nodes

after I do some configurations, I want to have a full list of children nodes. for example:

  1. create (get_modifications_cli, support)
    Parent node
    Child node1
    Child node2
    grandson node1

  2. Delete (Not support ?)
    when I delete Parent node, I want to have full list of children/grandson nodes, like below:
    Parent node
    No Child node1
    Child node2
    No grandson node1
    No Child node2
    No Parent node

Could CONFD/Tail-f support this detail list of “no”?

I used this API, I didn’t get the full children lists. below is the log, when I delete <router bgp 1>, there is no command of address-family. please double check, thanks.

-----------------------Configuration changed(create)
router bgp 1
address-family ipv4 unicast

------------------------Configuration changed(delete, router bgp 1, there is “no” command of address-family.)
no router bgp 1

Take a look at your YANG model and the delete will make sense to you. If not, see here:

Looking at the model in the examples.confd/cli/c7200/c7200.yang you have something like:

  container router {
    list bgp {
      key "as-no";
      leaf as-no {
        type uint16;
      container address-family {
        list ipv4 {
          key "unicast-multicast";
          leaf unicast-multicast {
            type enumeration {
              enum "unicast";
              enum "multicast";

and in tree format

$ pyang -f tree c7200.yang
module: c7200
   +--rw router
      +--rw bgp* [as-no]
         +--rw as-no             uint16
         +--rw address-family
            +--rw ipv4* [unicast-multicast]
               +--rw unicast-multicast    enumeration

so a delete of a list entry in the bgp list with as-no key will hence delete anything under the address family too.