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Hi admin,
I have problem with erlang api for rollback selective. Now Erlang api have load_rollback but I want to rollback selective same to CLI. Can you support this case?

From the econfd MAAPI doc

load_rollback(Sock::[econfd:socket()](econfd.html#type-socket), Tid::integer(), Id::integer() | {fixed, integer()}) -> ok | [err()](#type-err)

…so using MAAPI to load a rollback using fixed numbering is supported by the econfd API just as with the C, Java, and Python APIs.

Thanks for support. But I using confd version 6.4 but document writing is:
load_rollback(Sock::econfd:socket(), Tid::integer(), Id::integer()) -> ok | err()

so don’t have {fixed, Number} but cli hava command rollback selective. I using api have {fixed, Number} --> Confd server return {19, error load file}

ConfD 6.4, released three years ago, hit End-of-Maintenance End-of-Support a year ago. You need to upgrade.

Thanks for this support.

Hi admin, I using confd version 7.3 and using Erlang API: load_rollback(Sock::econfd:socket(), {fixed, Number}) but result is same to using load_rollback(Sock::econfd:socket(), Id::integer()). (Not apply a single rollback delta).
Now i want to using Erlang API to rollback selective same to CLI. Can you support this case?
Thanks for support!

Hello Quan,

Rollback file numbering can be done in two ways, one is rolling, where latest commit will be associated with rollback file 0 and the other way is fixed, where rollback files will get a unique increasing number. This can be configured in confd.conf /confdConfig/rollback/rollbackNumbering

The rollback numbering has nothing to do with selective rollback operation. The selective rollback operation is not supported by C, Java, Python or Erlang APIs.
Using econfd one can load rollback files from latest to given rollback Id, but one can not load a single rollback file if not the latest.

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Many thanks Erdem. Now I understand it.

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