Attaching to the init transaction in phase 0 using Python

Section 5.11 of the ConfD 6.0.3 User Guide describes how to attach to confd in phase 0 to perform an upgrade of data in the CDB.

The User Guide example and the examples.confd source code are all in C. I am trying to do this using Python, using the unit tests source code for the pyapi as an example, but it is not easy to reverse-engineer this Python API. I understand that the Python API is supposed to be a mirror of the C API, but I am left guessing as to the details.

I have:

import _confd as confd
sock = socket.socket()
confd.maapi.connect(sock, ‘’, confd.CONFD_PORT)
trans = confd.maapi.attach_init(sock)
confd.maapi.set_namespace(sock, trans, ‘’)
confd.maapi.set_elem2(sock, trans, myData, ‘/my-path/my-data’)

My error occurs early on – the set_namespace() call fails with “an integer is required”. The value of trans is -2. This is an integer, but I’m guessing it’s not correct. What should be the value of the init transaction? What does -2 mean? Confd is in phase 0 at this time.

Is there any API call I am missing? I know that I am not supposed to close the transaction because it’s the init transaction. And I know that there is no user session for the same reason.
Thank you very much.

You can address your Python related questions to support via the RT system.


Was this reported as a bug finally? We face a very similar issue in Confd6.2 so please
let us know if this is fixed in a later version.

Thank you,

I have not filed a bug.