Can i use special symbols like "+" in cmd names

in my requirement i have to name a command which contains special symbols like +
using yang im able to use this symbols. but im unable to use it in clispec it gives below error while compilation
Element cmd has an attribute name which is invalid: “tac+” is an invalid value.
is there any way i can do this??


Seems like this is not possible. The name (from ConfD User Guide - section clispec) is of type:

/clispec/$MODE/show/callback/mode/name (xs:NCName)

The NCName has restrictions. Eg. from here

“The practical restrictions of NCName are that it cannot contain several symbol characters like :, @, $, %, &, /, +, , ;,
whitespace characters or different parenthesis. Furthermore an NCName
cannot begin with a number, dot or minus character although they can
appear later in an NCName.”