Can one field of the key has default value?

I have a requirement, where one of the field is not configured, which is part of the key to the list, needs to take a default value. Though in the yang , for this leaf, is taking the default value, but during the configuration, confd validation gives error. Can you please suggest the way this can be achieved.

Are you using this extension on the key in question?

tailf:key-default value
Must be used for key leafs only.
Specifies a value that the CLI and WebUI will use when a list entry is created, and this key leaf is not
given a value.
If one key leaf has a key-default value, all key leafs that follow this key leaf must also have key-default
The key-default statement can be used in: leaf.

Hi Nabil,
Thanks for the reply. It worked fine. In show running-config for this particular entry still shows default value . Is there any way to avoid this also . Tried with CONFD_SET_DEFAULT for this leaf and it did not help.