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Can websockets be used for implementing publish subscribe

Does confd support WebSockets?
Can WebSockets be used for implementing the publish-subscribe model?
Is there a javascript library available for the same?
I am using RESTCONF APIs from web app to communicate to confd. I would like to check if I can do a pub-sub model if there are any changes made by other interfaces.

I have read about the comet related implementation in the user guide using JSON_RPC.
As my implementation is around restconf and java script, should i use something like this

Or can I use the latest websocket programming if confd has support.

No, ConfD doesn’t support WebSockets.

As you discovered, you can use the JSON-RPC API and Comet by for example using the subscribe_change, subscribe_cdboper, etc methods.
An example can be found in the ConfD example set under examples.confd/json_rpc/common_flow

My implementation is around RESTCONF.
So, wanted to know if websockets can be used or should i just continue with some comet related java script library.