Can't remove ietf-yang-patch even with restconf disabled


In our product, we don’t support RESTCONF protocol, so /confdConfig/restconf/enabled is false as default. For ietf-yang-patch.yang is for RESTCONF protocol, we want to remove it and it’s fxs file from code.
Unfortunate, after remove it, ConfD can’t start up with below error:

Failed to load file /confd/7.6.2/lib/confd/lib/core/confd/priv/ietf-yang-patch.fxs: /confd/7.6.2/lib/confd/lib/core/confd/priv/ietf-yang-patch.fxs: No such file
Daemon died status=21
Makefile:61: recipe for target 'start_confd' failed

Is this yang file a mandatory one even with restconf disabled?
What’s other mandatory yang files? Where can I get the information?


If you need to hide YANG models you compile them using the --export none flag.
See the confdc(1) man page for details on the export flag.