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Cdb_subscribe with wild card pattern



We would like to subscribe for a object creation for the keys matching a specific pattern.

If the keys are 1/2/1/1, 1/2/1/2, 1/3/1/1, 1/3/2/1. We would like to subscribe for creation of 1/2/* objects.

Could you please help us with the formatting required during the subscription?

cdb_subscribe(subsock, 0, servers__ns, &spoint,"/servers/server{1/2/*}"))



It would help if you can provide a YANG model for your list. Is that a single key with your example pattern defined as a string type or is that multiple keys?


Thanks Waitai.

It’s a single key.

container servers
     list server
           key "aid";
           leaf aid 
                type string;



According to the manpage description of cdb_subscribe, you can use ‘*’ to match all values of a key, or you can specify a specific value of a key, but you cannot use a general glob pattern in a subscription.