Changing bit delimiters in CLI

Is there any way to substitute delimiter between bits generated in C style CLIs? Currently when I have following model defined and perform create/modify for both bits B & C

leaf A {
  type bits {
     bit B {
        position 0;
     bit C {
        position 1;

it is translated to
Where I would like to see

The tailf:cli-spacer and tailf:cli-delimiter while promising sounding can be used only as substatements for the tailf:cli-compact-stats that can be used in only in a list or container.
Thanks in advance

No, not with the built-in bits type.

You can define your own data type by using the USER-DEFINED TYPES which is described under the confd_types section in Volume 3 of the ConfD man-pages. You can replace comma with any other character you like. If you replace it with space, you will need to use double quote to wrap around them.