Chapter 24.1 of confd_user_guide-6.4

this sentence from chapter 24.1:
Operational data in CDB may be replicated or not based on
the tailf:persistent statement in the data model and the ConfD configuration. All write operations
for replicated operational data must also occur at the master, with the updates distributed to the live slaves,
whereas non-replicated operational data can also be written on the slaves. "

my question1: could you give some example about “whereas non-replicated operational data can also be written on the slaves”? i want to know what kind of no-replicated operational data can be writtern on the salves?

question 2: when the replicated data is distributing from master to slave, will it block the master’s new configuration request?

It may help to clarify what does this mean. If operational data isn’t replicated, they can be written to any of the slaves in addition to the master. This means that the operational data will only be available to the local ConfD instance after it has been written.

As stated in section 28.2.5 in the Advanced Topics chapter of the ConfD User Guide:

The Operational store in CDB does not have any locks. ConfD's transaction engine can only read from it, and the MO writes are atomic per write operation.

The simple answer is no.

ok, i understand! thank you very much!