CONFD API'S documentation?

Hi Team,

Where can I find information documented(in c language) about confd apis.

Thanks in advance.


rich information is included directly in the ConfD user guide delivered with each ConfD release in sepcific document sections (“confd-basic-6.2.doc.tar/confd-basic-6.2/doc/confd_user_guide-6.2.pdf” for current release).

As a more “linux style” source of information, you can see man-pages included in the docs of basic release.
E.g. “man confd_lib”. Please note that you may need to “load” the appropriate confdrc file in running shell (source path_to_condf/confdrc") to have environment paths set to reach those man pages…

For specific C API calls/details, see appropriate sub-pages, e.g. condf_lib_lib, confd_lib_dp, etc.listed in the root one (confd_lib)

Hi josephm,

Thank you very much.

small addition:

The man pages install automatically, if you have the -doc.tar file present in the current directory with the ConfD package that you install.

If you want to add the documentation later, you can unpack the files (sub-dirs doc + man) manually from .doc.tar archive into the installed ConfD folder.