Confd.cli params help tag


I have a type defined for file-path as follows:

typedef file-path {
        type string {
            pattern '[a-zA-Z0-9/._-]*';

            "The complete file path";

In my confd.cli I have a param defines as :

      <info>File name including path</info>
      <help>Get filename and path from 'show system file-list'</help>
        <simpleType namespace="" name="file-path"></simpleType>

When i do

show file ?
Possible completions:
  string   | cr

I see “string” instead of the help string in confd.cli. I have seen that if I add a tailf:info to my typedef in yang I can see the help string, But I dont want to add the help string in my yang model. I want it to show from confd.cli


Take a look at using a “completionpoint”. See ConfD UG under “Customizing CLI completion” and in the clispec(5) man page under simpleType/capi/completionpoint