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ConfD Set Error Tag Value

Hello Folks,

Is there an API to set value of “error-tag”?

I know there is an API to set error-messages.

I want to override error-tag field in here:

or Can i override error-app-tag field?

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No, there is no such API. One reason is that error-tag values are pretty much given by the RFC, so in many cases it is not desirable that the application changes that.

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Definitely make sense, you’re right, error-tag value is defined in the RFC. But what about “error-app-tag” value, I think there is another customizable field like a “error-message” ?

I’m afraid this is the same case: no, there is no API, moreover error-app-tag is prescribed by RFCs.

OK @mvf, that is very helpful. At least, to know that there is no API, is very useful.

btw, the error-app-tag should be customizable, I think.

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