CRLF with tailf-info

is it possible to have CRLF with tailf-info ??

for exemple
“WORD;;Gateway address: \n
\thost[:port] or ip-address[:port]”;

Yes, normal C escape sequences ‘\n’, ‘\t’ are supported.

that didn’t works, my ‘\n’ is unseen but it’s not working.

“WORD;;Gateway address: ‘\n’
'\t’host[:port] or ip-address[:port]”;

I can see my reply was a bit confusing, There shall not be any single quotes “’” around \n and \t.

Can you show me an exemple ?

Your original example should work.

Another example. This tails:info string:

typedef ipv4AddressMask {
    type string;
    tailf:info "IPv4-address/mask-length\n\tsome more text";
    tailf:typepoint ipv4_mask;

Renders as:

admin@confd% set simple ip<tab>
Possible completions:
          some more text>