Difference between tailf:cli-full-show-path & tailf:cli-no-key-completion?

Hi All!

I see inside list using either of them avoids getting the key elements. What I could see is

  1. full-show path doesn’t need any other element and cli is valid with just list name.
  2. no-key is only that key elements are not via get_next.

I see no key complements full-show are they overlapping functionality ?. Please do help in clarifying the same.

Balaji Kamal Kannadassan

As you have noted, these annotations may have the effect on not querying the DP API for key values, but the cli-full-show-path is an annotation that controls show commands and can cause other elements not to appear as part of the show command, but cli-no-key-completion is also used in configuration commands where the user is tabbing through the command and hits the key on the list. Normally ConfD would show some of the possible key values as part of tab completion, but this can be detrimental if you are using the DP API. There are some overlapping uses, but they really provide different ‘controls’ on the behavior of the CLI.