Example for using leaf-list with cli-diff-dependency and must statement

Hi there,
I have a model that describes a leaf-list as below:

leaf-list param {
type uint32;
As is the case with leaf-list, this can be a list of values (e.g, 1,2,3) for the same leaf name. How do I use cli-diff-dependency and “must” such that I validate each and every value provided to this leaf-list and see if a node named, say, base_param defined elsewhere in the model exists with that value in the config already? If the user types 1,2 and 3 as value for param, I want to put in a “must” statement to see if I have base_param with value 1 AND base_param with value 2 AND base_param with value 3 defined in the config prior to this leaf-list config.

Have you taken a look at the XPath documentation resources?