Getting Error with tailf-meta-extensions

tailf-meta-extensions.yin:50:error:no module with the namespace “” is imported

Anyone aware of this error? Pls help


Can you provide more context as to how and where are you getting this error from? What release of ConfD did you run into this?

I’m facing this error in Seguesoft Netconf Client - Version: 2.0 Date 2016-04-19-sp2

If the error message is showing up in a 3rd party NETCONF client tool, it would appear that it is a missing YANG module to import in which you will need to add the missing tailf-common.yang module.

If you received a YANG model that implements tailf YANG extensions, and your NETCONF client does not understand or benefit from them, you can remove all tailf YANG extensions.

Most tailf YANG extensions are there to benefit the ConfD daemon based system, i.e. the NETCONF server, and are not useful to the NETCONF client.

One exception is tailf:action which is needed for YANG 1.0 but part of the standard in YANG 1.1.