How to delay the response fof edit-config operation in confd

How can I delay the response from confd for an edit-config operation

In what station do you want to delay the respons for edit-config?

What exactly do you mean by station?

when my controller sends an edit command, I want to receive the netconf response “ok” after some delay.

Sorry, I meant situation - some auto correction strangeness.

There’s no way to delay the responses, ConfD will send the response when the transaction is complete and the changes has been applied.

Okay. I understand, but is there way I can have a callback so that I can delay the process

I still don’t understand what the point of doing this would be but if you want to delay the you can just delay calling cdb_sync_subscription_socket() in your CDB client(s).

Thanks for the information

@jjohansson One of the reasons why the delay might be useful could be in testing where the in a lab environment the network latency is less than the real deployment. If the confd simulator/NE is used in this lab environment, it would be useful to intentionally delay the response to simulate the real deployment latency.