How to hide action name in my CLI

I have the below yang.

container cong {
list server {
key MId;
leaf MId {
type string;
tailf:action reset {
tailf:actionpoint reboot-point;
input {
leaf test1 {
type string;
mandatory true;
leaf test2 {
type string;
mandatory true;
output {}


when I load above yang and I am getting below command in my CLI.

cong server reset test1 test2

but i want command to be like this

cong server test1 test2

pls suggest some idea…

after typing this command (cong server keyval reset ?) if i press ? then it should display only test1 leaf in CLI.


(config)# cong server ?
string range
(config)# cong server sec ?
(config)# cong server sec reset ? // here it should display only test1 name in possible completion,how i can achieve this behavior?
test1 test2 // now i’m seeing two leafs in possible completion
(config)# cong server sec reset test1 text ?
(config)# cong server sec reset test1 text test2 sample

There are no Tail-f specific YANG annotation available to hide the action name in CLI. tailf:cli-drop-node-name is available to hide the node name for list and container.

There is no control over this for arguments inside of an action. For other leaf attributes in a container or list, you can use tailf:cli-sequence-commands to enforce the order of the arguments.