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How to install ConfD


Welcome to the world of ConfD on-device Configuration Management.

ConfD is delivered as a self-extract archive which is OS/CPU specific
plus a number of generic tar-archives with documentation, examples,
etc. When you run the installation, the self extract archive will
unpack both itself and the tar-archives, provided that they are
located in the same directory.

ConfD can be installed either locally in your home directory, or in a
central location for multiple users to use.

To install ConfD, just run the confd installer with a single argument,
that is the directory where you’d like ConfD to be installed. The
installation directory you specify must either not yet exist, or be
empty. No files will be added or modified outside the directory you

$ sh confd-<VERSION>.<OS>.<ARCH>.installer.bin /path/to/install_directory

On a typical system, it looks like this:

$ sh download/confd-X.X.linux.i686.installer.bin ~/confd-X.X
INFO  Unpacked confd-X.X in /home/tempuser/confd-X.X
INFO  Found and unpacked corresponding DOCUMENTATION_PACKAGE
INFO  Found and unpacked corresponding EXAMPLE_PACKAGE
INFO  Generating default SSH hostkey (this may take some time)
INFO  SSH hostkey generated
INFO  Environment set-up generated in /home/tempuser/confd-X.X/confdrc
INFO  ConfD installation script finished

As you can see, in addition to unpacking the installation files, the
installation program will create a default SSH hostkey and a file
‘confdrc’ with handy environment settings for using this installation.

After installation, see the README file for more information.

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