How to send operation notifications in another stream?


I have NETCONF stream with CONFIGURATION notifications (i mean pooling), but I need to get OPERATIONAL notifications in another stream.
YANG files contain following properties that define type:

    grouping path {
        list link {
            uses *****************;
            key ******************;
            config false;
            min-elements 1;
            description "none";

Item 'config false ’ define type of notification.

Please advice me how to tune that?

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Do you mean subscription for changes (not polling)?

For operational data you can use YANG Push (since ConfD 7.5).
More information (and example) can be found in APP note YANG Push and ConfD

There are more resources related to the YANG Push on Resources | Tail-f Systems page.

@mnovak In ConfD 7.5 onwards, can we subscribe and receive Yang Push notifications for operational DB through RESTCONF as well?

  1. YANG Push Overview

Because ConfD does not currently support YANG Push for RESTCONF or other
transports, the focus of this overview will be YANG Push with NETCONF.

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