Inactive client Check_CDB_Phase closed


We are getting exception soon after registering the DP and while listening. Not sure why are seeing these errors.
Also I see this message in the confd_devel logs. Could you please let me know what does it mean? and how to over the DP exceptions.

"DEBUG> 21-Apr-2023::06:26:53.001 TM2 confd[5454]: devel-cdb inactive client Check_CDB_Phase closed"

Client side log:

com.tailf.conf.ConfException: unexpected end of file
	at com.tailf.conf.ConfInternal.readFill(
	at com.tailf.conf.ConfInternal.termRead(
	at com.tailf.conf.ConfInternal.termRead(
Caused by: null
	... 6 common frames omitted

Looks like ConfD closed the connection to the DP application. See the ConfD developer log with log level set to “trace” to get the details on why ConfD closed the connection.

Thanks for the reply. The issue is happening at times and it’s not reproducible. After seeing this error we rebooted the machine and everything looks good. So we are trying to understand the possible scenario’s of getting this error within confd. devel logs doesn’t provide much info of these kind of daemon registrations failures. Are there any other logs which will provide more insights of this problem as we don’t have a chance to enable trace log level and reproduce the problem. If you can suggest the possible scenario’s, I can try to simulate in dev environment and see if I can handle at client to fix the problem as sometimes it’s causing system slowness and consuming all the system memory.

“End of file” or EOF means that the socket, here TCP connection, closed. Since the ConfD developer log and the Java application client side both report that the connection was closed, it seems like a TCP communication issue between them, not an issue with the application or ConfD.

You can simulate the connection issue as described previously in this post: Control socket closed with error -2 and then ConfD client exit with "INTERNAL ERROR" - #4 by cohult