Is there any limit in the max number of objects returned through get_next_object?

Hi all,

I’ve implemented get_next_object for a list which has 12 attributes (3 keys + 9 non-keys) & I’m using confd_data_reply_next_object_tag_value_arrays() for sending back the list entries. Is there any limit in the maximum number of list entries that can be returned with confd_data_reply_next_object_tag_value_arrays()?

I think there is no explicit limit - few dozen or even hundred records should be viable.
It can vary, depending on your target system, available memory, IPC environment etc.

With e.g. 100 list entries (rows), you get scale of 2 orders of magnitude in number of callback invocations. This should be sufficient for many scenarios.

In the end, you will need to do some performance test on your target platform to see whether you hit some bottlenecks (memory, network throughput, request/response timeouts)…

Yes, I think around 100 is recommended max number for best performance. But it may depend on your datamodel, so it is good to do own performance measurement.