Kick_user undefined in JS responce


I am beginner here.
I am updating admin user password, as a result password updated successfully but in JS response I am getting error-.
POST https://IPAddress/confd/kick_user 404 (Not Found)
In maapi.original.js function -
kickUser: function(user, fun) {
var pars = ‘user=’+user;
Maapi.request(“kick_user”, pars, true, fun);// here I am getting error
How to rectify this?
I am using ConfD 6.5.

One Question- If we update admin password then confD session will terminated?
If not then why kick_user is not storing any session value?

Thanks in advance,

Just note that you are using the old JSMAAPI interface that was removed from ConfD 5.4 and on 4 years ago and is therefore no longer supported.
But perhaps someone in this forum remember that interface and can assist you.

Thanks for reply.
I have 2 questions in above case

  1. If kick_user is undefined, is it means ConfD session is expired?
  2. If ConfD session expired then why GUI session is not terminated (after refreshing the GUI page User is logged in only)?

One suggestion also I needed If kick_user undefined in that case I should terminate the GUI session or just refresh the page using JS.
Please suggest.


Could anyone help me on above points?

Thanks in advance,