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List within list callback


I am using the Confd JAVA Callback API for implementing Callback. I have a yang like below
container organisation {

list employees {
	leaf name {
	list projects {
		leaf projectName {


when I write my call back there are situations like the employee will nto have any projects underhim. So i populate only the employees object and send.
My object looks like
public class Employee {
String name;
List projs;
public class projects {
String name;

So i populate only Employee name and make projs null and return back when cli command - show organisation employees is executed.
But some how, erros is thrown in Confd and in devel log i can see the below error:
31-Oct-2018::04:49:08.365 confd[32110]: devel-c bad get_next_object() return value: /organisation/employees{test}/projects: Missing value

How can I over come this issue. Only when i say “show organisation employees test projects” --> it should return me projects information.
When i execute “show organisation employees” it should show only employeenames and not the project details. How can this be achieved.


See the C-API answer here on how to handle nested lists:



Can you kindly share the JAVA example equivalent for it?




Java API

new ConfNoExists()