Log file layout


Is there a way to customize the output while the logging is enabled?
The file name and location of the file plus type of logging is configured indeed through confd.conf

I have not found a way to have a specific log4j layout format.

The output format of logging support isn’t configurable. You can subscribe to events as described in Chapter 12 of the ConfD UG and perform your own logging output customization. We also have an application note on “Application Logging Framework For ConfD”.

If you are using Java ConfD API, please look also into examples supplied with ConfD.
Each example has associated log4j.xml where you can configure appender pattern.

This log4j.xml is for the client side. I am referring to the confD log files as a server. In this place where can I configure the appender.
I don’t have any control there ? Do I miss something ?

There is only Client JAVA API for ConfD (used by application connecting to ConfD).

You cannot control ConfD logging it with log4j appenders. ConfD is not running in JAVA runtime.
You can control logging in confd.conf, but I’m afraid the pattern is not configurable, only level, file location.
See ConfD user Guide, section confd.conf.