MAAPI API to rollback all commits that happened in last x minute


Is there an API that will let user rollback all commits happened in last 5 minutes ?

I went through the below link, but couldn’t able to find one. I see there is one maapi_list_rollbacks/maapi_load_rollback but it lists all the rollback possible not bound to any time interval.


There is no API for this. You will need to use the maapi_list_rollbacks call to get the list of rollbacks and write code to perform your own filtering based on the timestamps of the rollbacks.

@saswins You have some pretty old documentation there that someone uploaded a few years ago.

@waitai is referring to the following.

struct maapi_rollback {
    int nr;
    char creator[MAXUSERNAMELEN];
    char datestr[255];
    char via[255];
    int fixed_nr;
    char label[255];
    char comment[255];


$ grep -H 'Date' confd-cdb/rollback*
confd-cdb/rollback0:# Date: 2021-03-25 22:49:56
confd-cdb/rollback1:# Date: 2021-03-25 22:49:41