Maintain dynamic width when displaying "show template" output

Hi Team,

I am using “show template” to display below output :

index source severity time
1 switchhowrah Major 2017-03-28T05:57:43+00:00
2 Transamhowrahgemini Major 2017-03-28T05:58:43+00:00
3 Geminitransamhowrahsambaarenal Major - 2017-03-28T05:59:43+00:00

Please let me know is there a way to maintain dynamic width as the output is not coming proper,it is corrupting other fields.


To align fields in show template you can use rjust:width and ljust:width as show template parameters.
E.g. $(source-lsa|ljust:25). I don’t think there is an option do it dynamically (adjust according to widest value).