Netconf notification capability

Dear Team,

        Tried to execute "confd-basic-5.4/examples.confd/netconf_notifications/notifier_builtin_replay_store.c"

example using “make all start” and getting the below traces on the console.
sending linkUp second notification

It means that notification message send to netconf server successfully. Am I right?

But i’m not getting this notification on netconf client side I mean that northbound interface which is subscribed to interface stream.

After enabling netconf.trace log i couldn’t see any logs related to notification .



8-Oct-2015::12:28:20.785 **< sess:11 write:

Please help me how could i confirm that notification messages received by the netconf server and what i missed over here.


Did you do the step 2–7 as the README in the example instructs you to do?

E.g. do at least step 7 and then step 2 by $ make subscribe and then in order to make the notifier program generate some notifications, hit 'y', 'u', 'i', or 'd', followed by <enter>.