Not receiving Confd notification

confd version - 5.4.1
I am getting notification netconf-config-change in netconf trace.

But for the notification that i have written in the yang, I am not getting any notification in netconf.trace file. I have subscribed to the streams for notification.

I dont know where i have to make changes and how to receive those notifications. All the examples and other questions have solutions for only newer confd versions.

How can i receive notifications when there is a change in a particular container?

Most likely there is some problem with the tag_value array that you are passing to confd_notification_send(), i.e. it doesn’t match the data model - check the devel.log for any errors.

If you are getting netconf-config-change, and are sending your own notifications too on the NETCONF stream, i.e. you used "NETCONF" (note that upper/lower case is significant) for the streamname element of the confd_notification_stream_cbs struct that you passed to confd_register_notification_stream(), you should be all set.[quote=“rdpravin1895, post:1, topic:1877”]
All the examples and other questions have solutions for only newer confd versions.
Hm, not sure what you are referring to here - the examples.confd/netconf_notifications example is certainly included in the ConfD-5.4.1 release, and documentation can be found in 15.7. Notification Capability in the User Guide and the NOTIFICATION STREAMS section of the confd_lib_dp(3) manual page. Actually I don’t think there has been any significant changes in this area since that release.

We are trying to connect to a Confd device from Opendaylight SDN controller. The objective for us is, whenever there is a change in the Confd device data, the controller should receive notification about the changed data (ie) data change notification.

As of now, using the netconf-config-change, we are able to get the path of the data that has been changed, but not the details of the data that has been changed. For this to happen, do we need to write any additional implementation for notification?

The README file for ncnotif example says that “The user code resides in notif.erl”. This notif.erl file contains predefined values that should be sent as notification periodically. But in our case, only whenever there is a change in the device data, the complete details of the data change should be sent as notification (ie) path of the data changed and changed data. Does that mean we need to modify the erlang file to match our case?

It seems like you are trying to do someting similar to what was discussed here:

Note the anyxml that the ConfD user used to pass the detailed changes.

how to pass the changed value to that anyxml. Is there any c function to read the changed data at runtime and update it in anyxml.