Query regarding Confd SNMP gateway

I have configured confd SNMP gateway by providing the below configuration in confd.conf


And, when I send the test trap from the external device I see the below error in the log.

confd[20397]: devel-c no registration found for callpoint id1/recv of type=external


1. Is the above error is because no Application is subscribed to receive the notification?
2. Is there any way to store the SNMP trap data in CDB after receiving it from the external device.

This error message is telling you that you haven’t yet registered for the data provider callback which is defined in your YANG model. It has nothing to do with your SNMP gateway configuration.

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As pointed out by our expert here at Tail-f, my previous statement is incorrect. The problem does have to do with your SNMP Gateway configuration. Refer to confd_register_notification_sub_snmp_cb() in confd_lib_dp(3) (in particular the “recv” callback…), and the section called “Receiving and Forwarding Notifications” in the “SNMP Gateway” chapter in the ConfD UG.