Re: config validation and aborting from validation function

I have a list. The leaves in the list need to be in some order across the list.

Have a validation function which gets triggered and using maapi_diff_iterate() to get the modified leaves. Then the leaves of the list is compared with all other list entries in the list.

When the order is not met, the validation is aborted and the config changes not accepted.

All this is working fine. However, in the confd cli, the error string is always showing as “Aborted : ‘list 1st_element_key_in_list’ : < custom string set from application code >”

is it possible to change this to something like the list entry being configured instead of the 1st element ?

I am using maapi_init_cursor() to init to the start of the list and looping. Not sure if this is the reason ?


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