Registering multiple callpoints in single process

I wrote a confd get process and notification process with one yang module, It is working fine. Now i want to add one more yang module to same procesess. how can i do that?

  1. Can I register two callpoint id’s in single get process?
  2. Can I register two notification streams in single notification process?

Thanks in Advance

No problem. The golden rule is to not share the same socket between multiple processes/threads.

ok Thank you @cohult

Hi @cohult,

Can I use same daemon to register multiple transaction_cb and data_cb?

For example, code is shown below:

   {ok, Daemon} = econfd:init_daemon(common_daemon, ?CONFD_TRACE, user, none,
                                 {127,0,0,1}, ?CONFD_PORT),
    Data = #confd_data_cbs{get_elem = fun get_elem/2,
	                   get_next = fun get_next/3,
	                   callpoint = get_properties},
    Data1 = #confd_data_cbs{get_elem = fun get_elem/2,
	                   get_next = fun get_next/3,
	                   callpoint = wss_get_properties},
  ok = econfd:register_trans_cb(Daemon, Trans),
  ok = econfd:register_data_cb(Daemon, Data),
  ok = econfd:register_data_cb(Daemon, Data1),

@cohult, I want to create an application which support any yang standards like open-config, open-roadm etc.
Lets Assume we have two yang modules A and B with same properties but from different standards.
Now i want to write and application which supports both yang modules. So should I use single process
for A and B yang modules or separate process for each? which is best way to do?
Thanks in Advance.

Follow this principle and you’ll be off to a good start.
I.e. begin with one process