Remove the Default options from CLI


I have an example Yang created for operational commands and try to run it. All the new commands get displayed correctly.

But when i run the CLI, I can see many default options get displayed like - describe, complete-on-space, devtools, disable, file, prompt1, prompt2, … etc.
But I would like to retain the generic ones like aaa, show, configure, screen-width, screen-length, no, clear, … etc.

This there a way to optimize the general commands and how can it be done. Your help is much appreciated.

For built-in commands you can use hide option in clispec. See ConfD User guide, clispec section.
(description of /clispec/$MODE/modifications/hide)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<clispec xmlns="" style="c">  
            <hide src="show jobs"/>
            <hide src="show notification"/>
            <hide src="show parser"/>
            <hide src="xpath"/>
            <hide src="job"/>
            <hide src="prompt1"/>
            <hide src="prompt2"/>

This cannot be used for autorendered datamodel “commands”. For this tailf:hidden statement with hide group argument can be used (see also confd.conf in ConfD User Guide for hide groups).

leaf dummy {
   tailf:hidden "dummy";
   type uint32;
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