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Same transaction-hook point from multiple modules


I have a callpoint “foocp” registered from two different daemons daemon1 and
daemon2. I want the callpoints in both the daemons to be invoked whenever
“foo/test” or “foo/bar/test” is configured. But i see only the callpoint
in daemon1 is getting invoked. Is this supported? or is there a better
way to do. I tried using hook type “node”, it doesn’t work either.

grouping foobar {
    tailf:callpoint foocp {
        tailf:transaction-hook subtree;
    leaf test {
        type empty;

container foo {
    uses foobar;
    container bar {
        presence true;
        uses foobar;


I think only one application can handle callpoint. f you need to distribute callpoint information across more applications, you need to handle callpoint in one and invoke/inform (some RPC) other applications from it.