Seeing application error while executing a callpoint action function


I am seeing “Application error” while executing callpoint function where i made some change to use dynamically allocated memory for reply message instead of static array allocation.

18-May-2020::09:54:47.603 30-BL2 confd[14509]: devel-c action action() error {application, “”} for callpoint ‘rib-lpm-point’ path /oc-netinst:network-instances/network-instance{default}/rib-lpm

Any idea how to debug this further?



Make sure you have set the developer log level to “trace” in your confd.conf and the application libconfd debug level to “CONFD_TRACE” using confd_init() or confd_set_debug(). See confd.conf(5) and confd_lib_lib(3) man pages for details.


plus for debugging the updated application itself, and hunt for potential dynamic memory issues, Valgrind ( is imho great tool that can point out potential problems.