Show command in operational mode

I have a model to configure command in cli-operational-mode.
Can I use the same command to show the configured parameters?

container platform {
    tailf:action condition {
        tailf:actionpoint process_fun;
        input {
            leaf A { }
            leaf B { }

So the model translates to:
#platform condition A 2 B 4

I want to implement a show command that would display the configured parameters:
#show platform condition
#platform condition A 2
#platform condition B 4

The input is actually not part of any datastore, so there is nothing that can be displayed after the fact. If you look at RFC 7950, YANG 1.1, in section 7.14.2 which covers the input statement for RPCs, and also applies to actions, since actions share the same use of input and output with RPCs, it states that “the input tree is not part of any datastore”. You can think of input as ephemeral, which only exists during the action, and not afterwards.

Thanks, Greg, for pointing me to the RFC section!