Silent error at writing CDB

If CDB is not writeable when ConfD is up, the CLI config change transactions still succeed without any visible error or warning. Is there a way to get error indication and transaction abort in this case?

One way to reproduce the case: remove A.cdb and create a read-only when Confd is up.
Env: ConfD 8.0.3, ubuntu 18 in virtualbox.

No, I am afraid there is no configurable knob that would make ConfD check this. If you need that, maybe as a workaround you may wrap confd_cli into a script that would do such check?

Note that CDB is in-memory database, so ConfD does not technically need to persist it after every commit, and if the read-only problem is transient, ConfD persists CDB once it is writable again.

Hi Martin,
Thank you for the answer! We try to have a monitoring logic as a workaround.

The “ConfD persists CDB once it is writable again” logic means, that even if CDB persist=true (default) is set in confd.conf, CDB may not be persisted when a config change is committed and the NETCONF or CLI users get no info on this.
It also means, the confd --backup creates out of date CDB backups in non-persistence time periods.

Default ConfD 8.0.3 install in WSL2 (also wirtual disk) shows the same sympthoms.