Storing nacm data in a external database


I am trying to store nacm data in a external database using callpoint and data callbacks. I am able to do for aaa data but not able to do for nacm. Though I have configured callpoint in ietf-netconf-acm.yang module for testing, still I am not getting callbacks.

Do I need to do anything extra for nacm?

I have tried even disabling cdb completely but it didn’t work.

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Did you study the:

  • ConfD 6.4.x UG Chapter 14.9. Populating AAA using external data
  • src/confd/confd_aaa_bridge example (legacy ConfD AAA implementation used as an example, but principle the same)
  • confd_aaa_bridge(1) man page

If you put a callpoint in a YANG model and are not getting your callback called, check that you have recompiled the YANG model into an fxs that’s in your loadpath, and then use confd --status to see if you indeed have registered for the callpoint.