Tailf:cli-diff-delete-after doenst work in confd7.1

I have the following two containers parent A and it has child container B
not that there is a cli-display-sperated and a no is generated for each one
I want
during create

and during delete
no B
no A.

When i use delete-before in the container B it works.
But when i use delete-after in container A. it doesnt work.
this is notived only in the confd7.1 whereas in confd 6.7 it use to work

I want a behaviour when

container A {
presence “A”;
tailf:cli-diff-delete-after “B” {. ===> DOESNT WORK!!
container B {

   //  tailf:cli-diff-delete-before "../../A" {.  WORKS!!!
  //  tailf:cli-when-target-delete;



Bumping the question

I agree, this looks like a regression bug. You may want to report it; but since it has a workaround, namely using cli-diff-delete-before in the container B, I would not expect the bug will be addressed quickly.

@mvf . Thanks for the confirmation. But how about all the previuos models which had this annotation. It will break those.

Can you change those annotations? It’s not a backward incompatible change if you do so.
A good practice is to always keep annotations outside of the main module, by creating an “annotation” module. You may already be doing this, or maybe not. But it’s a good practice to keep in mind, as the potential annotation changes can be isolated in one module.