Unable to find the example set

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I am currently using the confd- Where will be the “example set” be present?

As per the suggestion from the post - “Where should I start?” I searched for the dir examples.confd.
However i couldnt find one!
I want to understand the usage of must and when statement better. So in the training videos - http://www.tail-f.com/confd-training-videos/ they mentioned to refer to the example set. But unfortunately I am not able to figure the place to find it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You have a ConfD patch release (that is what the fourth digit represents). In the download account, you should have also received confd- Normally, when you install ConfD using the binary installer program (the .bin file), if the examples file for that release is present in the same directory, the installer will unpack the examples in the installation directory. You can also use tar command to manually install the examples as well.
The same comment goes for the documentation, there should be a confd- which will also be installed if the installer program finds it in the same directory.