Update/upload YANG model to a router

Hi everyone,

I have encountered a weird issue in YANG model discrepancy between the one available on an XE Cisco router and the one we have on a virtual router on EVE-NG. I am wondering if there is any way to upload/update a specific revision of YANG model to a router to have same versions and solve the discrepancy issue? I did not find any approaches. I would appreciate it if you let me know any solution for it.


Ability to upload/update YANG models is I believe completely under direction of specific NETCONF server - whether it is (not) possible, how, and what steps need to be taken.

I believe it is not possible to directly update/modify the supported models by user with XE due to need to actually integrate functionality to internals…

It depends on what level you hit the “discrepancy” - maybe you could add some “middleware”/proxy to resolve the problem with different revisions - some “translation” of requests between the two etc.?

Thanks for your response. Actually my question comes from the problem I had in IP YANG submodule.
I have an XE router whose OS version is 16.9.5, but the last 16.9.x available version on YANG repo on github is 16.9.3. When I compare this specific submodules (the one I download from the router, 16.9.5, and the one I get from github repo, 16.9.3) they have some discrepancies although they have the same revision (both have revision of 2018-10-13).

The one I got from github has “prefix-list” container, but the one from the router has “prefix-lists” with different structure of containers, list, etc.

So the “revision” section of each YANG module is not reliable. Is the router itself the only place I can get the YANG model? I cannot find 1695 folder under XE folder in the repo.

Perhaps seeking help from the Networking - Cisco Community routing community or filing an issue with the GitHub repo is a better way to get an answer to your question than the ConfD User Community?

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