Usage of cdb_get_replay_txids

I have two question with respect to this API.

  1. I tried this API and it return always 2 txid not more than that.
  2. what is the use of getting list of these transaction id.

The cdb_get_replay_txids API is designed to allow for more than 2 txids to be returned. At the moment, a maximum of 2 is supported.

Ok fine.
What about second question.
Suppose APP1 has read txid 1 and lost connection. after that txid 2 and 3 happened.
APP1 reconnect and does cdb_get_relay_txids, it gets 3 and 2. what is the usage of this.

When you discover that your txid is not one of the last two you use cdb_trigger_subscriptions() see this post