What embedded web server does ConfD use?

We have need of a web stack in our product. According to the documentation:

*ConfD contains a fast and light-weight (memory and disk-wise) embedded Web server which delivers
both static and dynamic content and works as a backend for the JavaScript MAAPI library. The
embedded Web server can be replaced with a third party server if need be.

I have the following specific questions:
What web server is this?
Can I make use of it outside of ConfD?
Where are instructions for replacing it?


The web server that is in ConfD Premium is based on the Yaws web server. It is embedded inside the ConfD daemon and cannot be replaced. You could proxy another server in front of the ConfD web server.

Another possibility is to do the work to integrate a web server to the Management Agent API (MAAPI) and not use the ConfD web server. However, there would be a lot of time savings from using ConfD Premium and it’s pre-integrated web server.

where is the “JavaScript MAAPI library” defined?

In ConfD 5.3 or older versions. No longer supported.