What is instance-id in yang model

Hey All,

Can someone point to any good reference to explain this concept?
I am unable to find any example or use case on google


You can find the definition of instance-identifier in the RFC 6020. Usage examples are provided in section 9.13.5.

You can also refer to an earlier posting on the use of instance-identifier in must statements for an example use case.

You can also take a look at the YANG model in RFC 6022 for use in NETCONF monitoring. In the model there is a list of partial locks that might be currently held. Since partial locks exist particular subtrees, it is useful to be able to say what subtrees the locks exist on. In the entry for the partial lock is a leaf-list of instance-identifiers, where the instance-identifiers specify the path to the subtree where the lock is placed. This is one example of where instance-identifiers can be useful.