While using cdbsessions setvalues notification is not generated on default NETCONF stream

I enabled notification in confd.conf file.
while using Maapi to set element for config and operational and then applying the transaction , we get notification on standard NETCONF stream.

However when we moved to cdb sessions to do setValues for operational data change , no notifications is being recieved on default stream

IS there any other configuration needed to send the notification sent to default notification stream when using Cbdsessions setValues

The netconf base notifications sent over the default NETCONF stream are sent, among other reasons, in case the configuration has changed; but no such notifications are sent when only CDB-operational data has changed. So as to react to changes in CDB-operational data, you need to use a CDB-operational subscriber (where you may send notifications, if needed).

Or: there is a new RFC standard 8641 YANG-Push. ConfD implements the standard in its 7.5 release, and it might solve your issue without the need for the subscriber. I wrote “might” since 1) I’m not terribly familiar with the standard, 2) the implementation is still experimental and it might not cover the full standard.