Why the clispec doesn't work?

I use the clispec to test the modification of the cli.

I wrote a commands.cli as (P806, confd_user_guide-6.2):

clispec xmlns=“http://tail-f.com/ns/clispec/1.0” style=“j”>
move src=“load” dest=“xload” inclSubCmds=“true”/>

I removed the “<” for each line or the line can’t be shown.

And compile it to a file commands.ccl.
Copy it to the loadpath dir in confd.conf.
restart the confd.
Still, the load command keep the same before. Why the clispec doesn’t work?

I am using the version confd-basic-6.2.linux.x86_64;


You have specified the CLI style to be Juniper style in the above statement. You will need to change the style from j to c in order to see the effects in ConfD Basic.